The Whole Kit and Ca-Doodle {4}

School has started, and class is in full swing–which is why I've dropped off the face of the blogosphere in the past couple of weeks. Between moving into my new apartment (and helping my roommates move-in too), scouting out classes, and reacquainting myself with Philadelphia, I've hardly had anytime for anything besides feeding myself. Thankfully, it's Friday and we get a long weekend. Thank God. 

Somehow I have had time to do some doodles. I've started what I think will end up being a series of picture frames with simple doodles inside. I really like how the watercolor backgrounds accentuates the kind of stark, simple quality of the ink work. 

Of course, the question now is, what should I doodle next in the series? Feathers? Maybe leaves? Fruit? 

I suppose that waits to be seen. Chances are I'll think of something while sitting in my chemistry lecture. Just kidding. Thermodynamics is so riveting, I'll have little time to think of much else. (That should be read with a healthy heaping of sarcasm.)

Happy Friday, everyone!

"Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established."
Proverbs 16:3, ESV

Illustration Inspiration - Danielle Green

For this edition of "Illustration Inspiration," I am happy to present the work of Danielle Green. Danielle is an artist based in Brooklyn, and creates these wonderfully quirky (and cute!) watercolor illustrations.

While prepping this post, I asked her where she draws her inspiration. Here is Danielle's answer:

"I get my inspiration from nature, animals mostly. I enjoy imagining what it would be like to be those animals and what I would do if I was them. Going to zoos, aquariums and museums inspire me greatly as well. I also love my cats, Gus and Bruce they make me happy and that inspires me to draw and paint."

How fun is that? I love finding out the inspirational processes of different artists. It's just plain neat. ;0)

If you want to find more of Danielle, you should definitely drop by her Tumblr, her portfolio, and (of course) her shop. There's tons to gawk at on all three! I just spent a good chunk of time looking through her portfolio, myself. 

Meet Koko Koala

I'm currently working on three design projects. This little fella', who I have dubbed Koko Koala, is something I'm working on for an Etsy Shop design. It's my first time really using my hand-illustrated work for a design, but I'm excited!!!

Here's Koko romping through the Alaskan forest. Okay, all nonsense aside, I just wanted to show off what he looks like after digital processing. This is what I do when I'm up too late... which is just more proof that sleep is not something to take for granted.

Have a good night!

Illustration Inspiration - Naoko Stoop

For today's "Illustration Inspiration," I'm pleased to present Naoko Stoop. Naoko is a New York based illustrator, and get this–she's self taught! As you know, I am a total fan of self taught talent. :0)

As an artist, Naoko's goal is to bring out the 5 year old in everyone through her work. I would say she captured the spirit of a child very well in her whimsical illustrations. Many of her current works feature this red knit cap girl (and her bunny companion).

I really love the stories told through every one of her illustrations. Speaking of stories, Naoko actually has a new book coming out this fall! Be sure to keep an eye out for that. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

To find more of Naoko, you can check out her shop, NaokosStoop; follow her on Twitter; or peruse her blog. Also, here's a link to her children's book, Red Knit Cap Girl, which released last year. 

And before I go, a big "THANK YOU!!!" to Naoko for allowing me the privilege to feature her work here today! 

Goodbye July... Hello August

These are just some photos from the past week. My cousin was in town, so we had a whirlwind sort of weekend as we tried to cram in as much of Alaska as we could in 4 days. I'd say we did quite well in giving a fast and furious tour of the last frontier.

I am now free from my summer job, and this has been my first week without any real obligations. It's kind of a weird feeling. Hopefully I can finish everything that needs to be done... but if I don't, I suppose it won't be the end of the world. 

On a different note, this summer has been absolutely gorgeous. We've had high 70's and low 80's almost non-stop, which is practically unheard of for Anchorage summers. It's such an improvement from last summer (and all the other summers the past few years). I'm just doing my best to soak it all up before I have to hit the road for the start of fall semester. Ugh. Makes me kind of cringe just thinking of it. (If you're a college friend reading this... I love you. I just hate the workload. It's not you, it's the homework.)

Anyway, I hope you all are having a fabulous week!