Illustration Inspiration - Danielle Green

For this edition of "Illustration Inspiration," I am happy to present the work of Danielle Green. Danielle is an artist based in Brooklyn, and creates these wonderfully quirky (and cute!) watercolor illustrations.

While prepping this post, I asked her where she draws her inspiration. Here is Danielle's answer:

"I get my inspiration from nature, animals mostly. I enjoy imagining what it would be like to be those animals and what I would do if I was them. Going to zoos, aquariums and museums inspire me greatly as well. I also love my cats, Gus and Bruce they make me happy and that inspires me to draw and paint."

How fun is that? I love finding out the inspirational processes of different artists. It's just plain neat. ;0)

If you want to find more of Danielle, you should definitely drop by her Tumblr, her portfolio, and (of course) her shop. There's tons to gawk at on all three! I just spent a good chunk of time looking through her portfolio, myself. 

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