Illustration Inspiration - Naoko Stoop

For today's "Illustration Inspiration," I'm pleased to present Naoko Stoop. Naoko is a New York based illustrator, and get this–she's self taught! As you know, I am a total fan of self taught talent. :0)

As an artist, Naoko's goal is to bring out the 5 year old in everyone through her work. I would say she captured the spirit of a child very well in her whimsical illustrations. Many of her current works feature this red knit cap girl (and her bunny companion).

I really love the stories told through every one of her illustrations. Speaking of stories, Naoko actually has a new book coming out this fall! Be sure to keep an eye out for that. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

To find more of Naoko, you can check out her shop, NaokosStoop; follow her on Twitter; or peruse her blog. Also, here's a link to her children's book, Red Knit Cap Girl, which released last year. 

And before I go, a big "THANK YOU!!!" to Naoko for allowing me the privilege to feature her work here today! 


  1. Aaaagh! I like this artist's stuff! How do you find these people? Does she paint on wood or something?

  2. Yup! That's exactly what she paints on. And, I tend to find artists by going down random rabbit holes on the internet. I follow enough links, and I eventually find some pretty cool artists.


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