In Which There is a Recap of the Week, and Lots of Random Thoughts

Finally finished the second week of classes! It's been a full week. Monday was our first freshman Bible study meeting. This is my first time leading a study, so I'm really glad my friend Melanie is co-leading with me. It'll be an adventure, but I'm excited about it.

I also visited Blick Art Supplies in Center City (Philly) for the first time with a pal of mine. Oh-my-goodness. Talk about the best store I've ever been to. The plan had been to duck into Blick and then go clothes shopping... but we ended up spending two hours there, and I spent way too much money to even think about buying clothes. Oh well. That can wait, I suppose. Who needs clothing when they have art supplies?

Anyway, those were probably the two high points of my week. Class has been good, and I know at least one person in every single one, which is really a blessing. It stinks to have to go to class and not have someone to commiserate with later (this becomes especially important around midterm season). 

One random thing. The word "midterm" has got to be the most misleading word, EVER. Before last year, I assumed the "mid" in "midterm" implied one exam in the middle of the semester. Turns out at Penn, "mid" does not imply "one." Oh no. It implies "two," "three," or if you're really unlucky "four." WHAT'S UP WITH THAT??? This is something that has upset me in the past, and will likely continue to upset me until I the day I hold that diploma in my hands. 

As for the lettering at the top of the post, I made that last night. Yes, that's exactly the kind of thing I do on a Friday night. The fact that Penn is the "social-Ivy" (read "boozey-Ivy") is totally lost on me. While the rest of campus is out hopping the frats, I'm usually in my room either doing homework, or doodling while watching a TV or listening to music. Last night, I was listening to the Civil Wars' new album. It's so good, which is such a tease considering the band is basically on the rocks at this point. 

And that has been my week. With that, I will raise a toast to a happy weekend for all of you. And by "raise a toast," I mean actual toast. Like bread. Because that's just how I roll.


  1. You should sell prints of your doodles in your Etsy shop! I love it.

  2. Aww... thanks, Aubrey! I've actually been thinking about doing that. I'll have to figure out the logistics of it first, though (and see if I have time!). Maybe I'll introduce them as printables? :0)


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