Colors // The Almost-Christmas-But-I-Still-Have-Finals Blues

The semester is almost over, which is wonderful and shocking all at once. Unfortunately, the last round of midterms is currently underway, and finals are approaching quickly. 

It seems like the only time I ever post here during the semester is when I should be studying for an exam, but would rather do something else. That's exactly what I'm doing now (I won't even attempt to deny it). 

This is a time of emotional turmoil for college students. The holidays are so close... and yet, we are still stuck on campus to finish the most grueling part of the semester. Thankfully, this is also a fun time for us. I'm participating in what seems like a million secret Santa exchanges (okay... only two), Christmas lights are going up around campus, and reading days are almost here, which means I'll have the excuse to go into the city for "study breaks." 

Still, I can't wait to go home. See my dogs... and the rest of my family too, of course. Until December 20th though, I'll be here at my desk. Slaving away to earn that piece of paper that society likes to call a diploma. Woot.

Anywho, I had fun putting this little collage together. I think there may be more colorful posts in the future. Of course, who knows when that will be, given my tendency to disappear from the face of the blogosphere while at school.

Good luck to all my fellow slaves to the university system students. And to all the normal folk living in the real world, how are things going out there?