Colors // Cold and White as Snow

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The weather lately has been extremely... crisp. (That's the nice way of saying "freeze-your-tush-off-cold"–and that's coming from an ALASKAN). Although we did get two days off because of the snow,  cold weather is only a part of why the color for the month is white. 

Because this past month was January, it's been a somewhat cliché time of fresh beginnings and renewal. Fresh semester, a fresh outlook on academics, fresh priorities, fresh notebooks (my favorite!)–just a whole lot of freshness over the course of these 31 days. 

In this past month, there have also been definite moments of sadness. There was grief the suicide of a classmate, as well as the passing away of a loved one in my own family. But with this sadness and grief, there also came a time of healing. My campus is now coming together to address mental health, and the stressful environment fostered in our ivy covered halls. My family also had the chance to reunite and celebrate the life of my grandfather, as well as create new memories together.

I also love how we often associate the color white with cleanliness, and yet it has the uncanny ability of drawing attention to the dirt and filth around it. As this month has progressed, I've been identifying the "dirt" in my own life, and will be putting more energy towards cleaning those areas up. 

What color would you use to describe your January? 

Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool. –Isaiah 1: 18

Wouldn't It Be Nice to Live Together?

Just a quick photo post. I had been in California for the past few days for an important family matter. While there, I was able to spend some time in the sun with my family. Although it was a somber occasion that brought us together, we were still able to make some happy memories.

These photos are from Corona del Mar. We went on Monday, and it was basically deserted (which was perfect for us). Sometimes I just wish all of my extended family just lived in one place so that we could spend more time together. Wouldn't it be nice? (Cue Beach Boys music.)

Gotta go catch up on my work now, but before I go, I really want to know–what did you do this weekend?

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The Circle Link Up - Virtual Coffee Date

In Its Time
In an attempt to be a better blogger, I'm participating in a link-up hosted by Kiki and Amy! I'm excited to try something new, and connect with some like-minded bloggers.  So, here we go!

>>Where are you seated? 
I'm sitting in the shelter of my 19th floor West Philadelphia apartment, watching people as they trundle through the foot of snow that fell yesterday. Coincidentally, that foot of snow is the reason I have time to write this post (snow day!!!), as well as why I'm not in an actual coffee shop right now.

If I were in a coffee shop, I'd be in this cute little bakery/cafe right by campus... probably seated in a corner, observing people as they walk in, and looking out the window at passers by.

>>What are you sipping/munching on?
Currently sipping on mint tea out of a hand-thrown mug, and munching on Nutella toast. Mmmmm... tastes like heaven

>>What do you want to get off your chest first?
I don't actually drink coffee, which kind of makes me feel like a coffee date poser. (Whoops...)
Now that that's out in the open, I can get to what's really on my mind. Recently, a lot has happened in my life that has made me ponder. I know that sounds super cheesy–just wait, it gets even better. All this pondering has really made me think about how life is short, and I need to figure out exactly what I should be doing with mine. Granted, I know what I want to do–but what does God want me to do? That's always the kicker, isn't it?

>>If you could choose anyone who would you have a coffee with?  
Definitely my cousins (affectionately called "sousins" for sister-cousins) and my sister. We always have a rockin' good time when we hang out, and it's been a long time since we were all together. Heck, I'd even drink coffee if it meant I could meet with them. That's dedication right there.

>>What is inspiring you lately?
Ink and paper. Lately, the freedom of just transforming random ideas into a drawn image has become an addictive force. Do my little doodles make any sense? Nope. Is it liberating? Absolutely, yes.

>>What are your plans after coffee?
I don't have any real plans! Isn't that just the greatest? Like I said, the university is closed today, which means I have a day full of nothing. I have just a little bit of homework to do, and a free-lance job to work on, but otherwise there is nothing fighting for my attention today–and it's beautiful!

First Post of 2014 (And Only A Month Late!)

It's a new year, and so, it's about time for a new post. Ha! Clearly college life did not leave much time for blogging in 2013, but I'm alright with that. More important things were being done. Friendships were being made, lectures were being attended, course material was being studied... all clearly things that are more fun that blogging (and by "all," I mean only the first one). 

Anyway, even though in public I scorn New Year's resolution lists, I do like the idea of striving to improve myself. So, here is a short list of things I want to work on in my life, in 2014 and beyond.

1. Do more of what I enjoy. This means draw more, cook more, read more, hang out with friends more, explore more–just do more. Even if I don't have tons of time on my hands, I can try my best to spend the small amount I do have doing meaningful things.

2. Stop spending so much time in the black hole that is the internet. This kind of piggy backs on the point above. I want to spend less time on Facebook and Pinterest, and more time unplugged. That being said, I would also like to spend a little more time blogging.

3. Get more organized and manage my time more effectively. I've already started to do this by implementing a hybrid GTD / bullet-journal Moleskine planner. I'll probably post about that later, because I kind of really got overly excited and geeky about the whole thing (but I'm prone to geek outs, so not surprising). The idea is that this will help me achieve 1 & 2. 

4. Pursue Christ daily. Even though I lead Bible study, I still find it harder than I should to spend my daily time with God. I think this is an area of my life that I really need to be more intentional about, and I hope to improve in this over time.

5. Compare less. Attending a school like Penn can really take a toll on my self-esteem. Especially when I am constantly comparing myself to my peers around me. I really need to learn not to do this to myself, even if it means going against the grain of the culture that surrounds me.

6. Be more courageous. I don't actually know what this means functionally, but I know it's something I want to do.

If you have any "resolutions" you made that you'd like to share, please do! It's fun to hear what other people are doing.