Colors // Cold and White as Snow

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The weather lately has been extremely... crisp. (That's the nice way of saying "freeze-your-tush-off-cold"–and that's coming from an ALASKAN). Although we did get two days off because of the snow,  cold weather is only a part of why the color for the month is white. 

Because this past month was January, it's been a somewhat cliché time of fresh beginnings and renewal. Fresh semester, a fresh outlook on academics, fresh priorities, fresh notebooks (my favorite!)–just a whole lot of freshness over the course of these 31 days. 

In this past month, there have also been definite moments of sadness. There was grief the suicide of a classmate, as well as the passing away of a loved one in my own family. But with this sadness and grief, there also came a time of healing. My campus is now coming together to address mental health, and the stressful environment fostered in our ivy covered halls. My family also had the chance to reunite and celebrate the life of my grandfather, as well as create new memories together.

I also love how we often associate the color white with cleanliness, and yet it has the uncanny ability of drawing attention to the dirt and filth around it. As this month has progressed, I've been identifying the "dirt" in my own life, and will be putting more energy towards cleaning those areas up. 

What color would you use to describe your January? 

Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool. –Isaiah 1: 18

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