Wouldn't It Be Nice to Live Together?

Just a quick photo post. I had been in California for the past few days for an important family matter. While there, I was able to spend some time in the sun with my family. Although it was a somber occasion that brought us together, we were still able to make some happy memories.

These photos are from Corona del Mar. We went on Monday, and it was basically deserted (which was perfect for us). Sometimes I just wish all of my extended family just lived in one place so that we could spend more time together. Wouldn't it be nice? (Cue Beach Boys music.)

Gotta go catch up on my work now, but before I go, I really want to know–what did you do this weekend?

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    1. As soon as I saw this, I hopped over to your blog hoping to see some kitten action. I'm guessing you haven't made that post yet–but when (if) you do, let me know! Did you name it yet? :0)

  2. I sure didn't get to do what you did but it was great weekend

  3. Ah, never came back to reply... we named him Bourbon!


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