In This Moment I Am...

>>missing... home. "No place like home," becomes even truer when you're from Alaska. Skyscrapers just don't compare to mountains.

>>listening to... the Frozen soundtrack. Disney did such a good job on this one. After I watched it, it immediately went to my first rank for Disney Studios animated features. With Tangled and Frozen, I feel like a second Disney renaissance might be underway. My fingers are definitely crossed for that one! (Am I a nerd? Absolutely yes.)

>>reading... Xenocide (book 3 in the Ender's Game quartet). Yup, I've totally hopped on the sci-fi train–and I have to say, it's a lot of fun. My only regret is that I didn't read Ender's Game when I was younger. I would have loved it!

>>thinking about... meditation. Both Time and Psychology Today had a couple articles each dedicated to slowing down and meditating once a day for a few minutes. It sounds like a good idea... I'm just not sure if I'm patient enough to sit still for 10 minutes doing nothing. Therein lies the problem, I suppose.

>>snacking on... brie and tortilla crisps from Trader Joe's. Do they make anything that isn't out-of-this-world-amazeballs?

>>watching... nothing! One of my friends (who is also my discipler) and I decided to not watch TV this week, because we felt like it was sucking up too much of our time. But... before the rule was in effect, I was definitely geeking out about Veronica Mars. I haven't ever watched it before, so when Amazon Prime posted it, I got way too enthusiastic about it.

>>waiting for... my new coat from Modcloth to arrive. Yay for sales, and boo for cold winters. I'm also waiting for spring, but that's another matter entirely.

>>hoping that... school will be cancelled tomorrow. Philly has declared itself to be in a state of emergency from 8pm tonight until the following morning. Of course, given my school's hesitancy to cancel anything, I doubt it'll happen... but a girl can dream.

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