In This Moment I Am...

>>listening to Rend Collective's new album The Art of Celebration. I am a huge fan of the sound that Rend Collective gives to their music. Generally speaking, Christian music is not my favorite, because it often is just an empty attempt at sounding mainstream. Rend Collective really just does their own thing, and their lyrics are genuinely encouraging to listen to.

>>watching 30Rock. Why had I never watched this before??? Tina Fey is so great. That is all.

>>reading The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder. I actually just finished this one. A little while ago I worked on Lisa's blog, and she was sweet enough to send me a signed copy of one of her YA novels. The entire book is written in verse, and I really enjoyed it! (I definitely recommend it.) Check out Lisa's blog here.

>>learning to trust God with my future. I have been struggling a lot with stress and anxiety in the recent weeks. It wasn't until recently that I realized the root of this is a hesitancy to trust God with my future.

>>excited for the weekend! My school is having a concert with David Guetta, Ra Ra Riot and Magic Man on Friday... and if that weren't enough, I am hoping to watch Captain America on Saturday! (Bummer it's only Monday...)

>>wishing that finals would just come and be over already! I want summer to be here.

>>giving up Facebook. It's not for lent, it's just because I was wasting a lot of time on it, and getting caught up in the minutia of other people's lives that I really had no business being interested in.

>>recommending this video here. You may have seen it already as it made its rounds on Facebook a couple weeks ago. But, it's so great, and rings so true to our social media driven society.

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